"Stanko-indo" is working with more than 200 industries in South Korea, India, Italy & Former CIS Countries. It caters to all the requirements of equipments & technologies in the field of metal machining and metal forming i.e. special purpose machining lines, sheet metal stamping and forging equipment.

"Stanko-indo" provides its customers with cost effective services, we repair, renovate and commission used equipment according to customers requirements. We also, provide automation solutions related to production technologies and spares-services to the equipments. Our highly experienced specialists are always ready to visit our customers as required. Our press designers have worked in major equipment manufacturing facilities like TMP Voronezh, Barnaul press works.

We offer:

     Metal cutting equipment,

     Knuckle joint cold forging, warm forging and coining press with capacity upto 2500T,

     Hot forging press with capacity up to 6300T.

Our presses are equipped with:

     Latest automated lubrication systems for long & trouble-free working,

     Newly developed ceramic-coated metallic disks used in oil-cooled clutch & brake unit, as ensures long & trouble-free working,

     A large range of ejection systems - hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical. Ejection points in the ram and table can be placed according to customer requirement. Ejection speed and stroke can also be regulated,

     Efficiently designed die blocks with quick changing & clamping facilities,

     Auto-loading, discharging and multi-point transfer systems pneumatically or mechanicaly driven,

     Actual impact load measuring and data processing system,

     Total monitoring system.

We buy and stock above used equipment for immediate delivery to our customers. In such equipment depending on there condition we do renovation and modernization as required by our customers. Using the old frame of press as a strong base, we are able to provide very ideal equipment with modern accessories.

We provide the complete technical specifications against your inquiries.

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